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The Best Crossbow

The best crossbow? Want to find out what the best crossbow on the market is? When talking with hunters from all over the country that are interested in purchasing their first bow, the most commonly asked question is which one is the best crossbow? Before answering, I often take a deep breath, and with a big smile, give them the answer they don’t want to hear. That is, there is no one best … [Read More...]

Crossbows In The Stand; What To Do With Them

On each and every hunt, we as hunters are faced with the task of carrying our crossbows to and from the treestand. We have options on how we carry our bows back and forth to the truck or cabin. We can just carry it by hand, or use a rifle type sling, or maybe even a backpack. But once you’re in your stand, what do you do with your crossbow? Should you hold it the entire time? Or should you hang it … [Read More...]

Crossbow Maintenance

There is a common misconception that crossbows require a lot of maintenance to keep them performing well. The truth is that they really don’t require anymore maintenance than a vertical bow or a gun would. Even if you follow every maintenance procedure every time you shot your bow, it would still only take you a minute or two to complete. Across every crossbow manufacturer, the steps to maintain … [Read More...]

Shoot Tighter Groups With Your Crossbow; Here…

As crossbow hunters, we all want the most from our hunting equipment. One area we all should strive to get better at is our accuracy. There are many factors that come into play when achieving great accuracy with our crossbows. Some we can’t control. Like how well our crossbows are engineered to be able to shoot an arrow accurately. But one thing we can control, is the arrow itself. Today we have … [Read More...]

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Product Reviews

Crossbow Arrow Lube from Scorpion Venom Archery

  An important part of being a successful crossbow hunter is spending lots of time with your bow practicing with it.  But one area that discourages some crossbow hunters from practicing as often as they should is the fact that pulling arrows from certain foam targets can be down right impossible.  If you’re a hunter that favors an aluminum crossbow arrow, many times, just … [Read More...]

TenPoint Stealth SS Crossbow

  New from TenPoint Crossbows for 2013 is the Stealth SS crossbow.  While this may be a new model this year, one thing that remains constant is the dedication to providing a top notch quality crossbow while at the same time engineering new and exciting features into their bows.  It’s now mistake that TenPoint has succeeded with both of these attributes with the Stealth SS … [Read More...]

Zombie and M.A.T Crossbow Targets

Recently I had the opportunity to test out two new targets from Voodoo Archery. While these two new targets are not specifically designed for crossbow use, they do however make excellent crossbow targets. These targets are rated up to 420 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow. So needless to say, they have no problem stopping an arrow shot from todays fastest’s crossbows. It is recommended that … [Read More...]

Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Crossbow

Recently I had a chance to take a look at the Raider CLS Crossbow from Wicked Ridge, and do a video review on it. Wicked Ridge’s parent company is TenPoint Crossbows, and TenPoint decided to make the Wicked Ridge line of bows so they could offer a high quality crossbow at a price point comparable to other entry level crossbows on the market. And they’ve achieved that with the Wicked Ridge line of … [Read More...]

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